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PostSubject: Vince's Reviews: MKDD   Vince's Reviews: MKDD I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 24, 2009 1:39 pm

Mario Kart Double Dash!! (MKDD)
Console: Gamecube
Rating: 8.25/10

Yup!! I had to do a classic game for the Gamcube. MKDD what a fun game I recommend for ages 2 - 1,527. I wouldn’t call it perfect, but pretty awesome. Anyways the game is a straight up Mario racing game. You team up with a partner (ex. Mario and Donkey Kong) and you race. Thing is its not a normal race. From throwing shells to running someone over with a chain chomp. Also its not just racing in Muti-player you can go to battle mode. Either do a ballon battle where you fight till you lose all your ballons, or a Star race where you all race to one point of the map and grab the star, Most stars wins. Okay well I think its time for what I like and what I don’t!

~~~~~~~~~~~I don’t like~~~~~~~~~~~~~

-Maps- One thing that bugged me was, every map had an obstacle. You could not just have a plain race. It had to be something to mess you up every single map.

-Boring Factor- it’s a really fun game I think. Thing is the game gets pretty boring each game play. I wouldn’t mind if they would have added something that you could do to ease to boredom, like another mode or something.

~~~~~~~~~~I did like~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Specials- I liked how you could get a special item to throw at people in front of you. Thing is each racer had there own special they could use. Mario’s fire balls, donkey Kongs big banana’s, Yoshi’s eggs and many, many more.

-The cups- In the game when you do some races it puts them into cups. Each cup has 4 maps you guys race at. For each cup you completed there was a reward. In total I think there was 4 or 5 cups. Sorry I just can’t remember.

-Challenge Shortcuts- There are some shortcuts where you have to do something special to get threw. I will make an example so you know what I mean. there is one shortcut that is kinda big where when you use it you go slow. Why you ask. Because the ground of the shortcut is covered in mud. To use the shortcut you have to get a mushroom ( Mushrooms in MKDD make you go faster) and you will go straight through it.


Well that’s all enjoy!


Like it? Hate it? Comment about it?
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Vince's Reviews: MKDD
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