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 Vince's Reviews: Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn

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PostSubject: Vince's Reviews: Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn   Mon Aug 24, 2009 1:34 pm

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (FERD)
Console: Wii
Rating: 7.75/10

FERD, this game was fun indeed but I do not recommend it for some people. IT is a puzzling game based on sheer smarts. Basically the game is sort of like chess if you put it in a way, except more complex. You mover around a map and battle enemies. You get levels for each of your Soldier. You get Archers, Swordsmen, Mages and many more. Here are some basic’s I did like and didn’t like.

~~~~~~~~~~I didn’t like~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

-Weakness- Okay for example Fire magic hurts Laguz really bad. The fact I didn’t like it is stuff like that hurts TOO bad like if you are a laguz and you get hit by the weakest fire magic move you basically almost die. So I think they went a little over scale with that.

-The start of the game- At the start of the game (I think stage 3.) you are still low level and there are these Laguz (Human/beast) that are higher level than you wooping your butt. That really killed a part for me.

~~~~~~~~~~I did like~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

-Game play- The fact of it being a puzzle, it took a lot of smarts, and strategy made me like this game a lot. Because you can’t be just all willy nilly and send your strongest guy out because he has weakness too.

-Story line- You don’t really get it unless you played Fire Emblem: Path of Raidence, but if you did play it there are major twist and turns that explains everything that happened after the war.

-Battle fields- The battle fields put a some epic twist in your battle. Like if you go in mud you can only move 12 spaces unless you are on a flying beast(dragon, Pegasus) . Then if you are a armored knight you can only move 1 space cause of the weight of your armor.


Well everyone that is my review of FERD. Sorry it was short. Well hope you liked it.


Any comments?
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Vince's Reviews: Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn
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