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PostSubject: Vince Review: TS2   Vince Review: TS2 I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 24, 2009 1:23 pm

NOTE: Any Reviews Here taken here Without any point to the creater(Me) Will be, and can be, taken to a full extent to the law.

Timesplitters 2
Console: Gamecube
Rating: 9.75/10

(NOTE: I found some other sites ratings, and awards on this game on the games case. I will be posting them at the end of this review.)

This game in my opinion is G-R-E-A-T. I recommend this game for anyone, and everyone. Back when Gamecube was the thing, this was one of the first games for it I got. When I got it I had no idea what I was going to buy, I had $30 I went to Gamestop, waved my finger, and landed on that game. It was fun as anything. The game is first-person shooter game. The game goes from the Wild-West to a future time machine space center. Storyline is you are in the future, and you and this women are Anti- Alien (Bad Alien, not good alien. So you could kinda call it alien terrorist in a way.) and you hear about aleins taking over a time station. The aliens ran back in time with 12 time crystals that keep all time and space balanced. The women keeps control over the time station, to make sure no damage happens to the machien while your in the past. While you go back in the past to get the crystals. Well I figure I’m just going to keep talking, and talking on, and I don’t want to make this so long no one wants to read it. Well here is what I liked, and what I didn’t like about the game.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I didn’t like~~~~~~~~~~~~

-Life- There was no life bar, which annoyed me. EXAMPLE: I was suppose to take down enemy snipers. I shot them all down, so the game tells me to go on. Well when I get further I get shot by a sniper and die. If I would have known I was low on health I would have been more aware, and would have took more cover.

-Random enemies- At moments in the game a random enemy would pop out of a space portal. (Due to the fact of time and space messing up, without the time crystals at the time station.) I remember so MANY times were I would die because of, these…..weird…..purple…..flaming….things that would pop out of a space portal, 3 in a portal. I always though it was one in each portal till a certain point. Well I used all my ammo because I knew there was going to be only 1 enemy. Well when I got to the end I only had a little ammo and there were like 3 portals, I was like “Well there is only 3 I’ll melee them if I run out.” Well 3 come out of each. (9 in total.) I was like CRAP! I had to restart that whole level due to that.

~~~~~~~~~~~~I did like~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

-Guns- They did focus the game one past and future. Cool thing was that they had old guns and future guns. From Wild West Revolver to Robot Factory Plasma Pistol. They even had today weapons, some from other countries too.

-Modes- You can go to modes and select free for all modes. Examples….

*-Flame Tag-One person starts on fire. (In this mode the fire doesn’t hurt you.) Who ever is on fire must pass it one to someone else. The longer your on fire, the worse you’re score. Game ends when time runs out.

*-Infection- 3 People start on fire (Green fire) and must get everyone else on fire. (You stay on fire when you touch someone.) Goal is to effect as many as you can. Winner is the person who doesn’t get effected. Which the last person doesn’t get flamed only the second to last.

*-Men in Black (Muti-Player only)- You and your friend(s) go out in a field with two buildings, each small, with 2 stories, each building on each side of field. You and your Friend(s) are up against a infinite spawn of men in black suits. You must get into the Mens in Black’s base take there suitcase and bring it back to your base.

-Stealth- Even though this game is an All out warfare game, It has moments with stealth. Like you have to sneak past a enemy or camera, without getting caught. Which in my opinion, Stealth is pretty fun!


Well there you have it. Timesplitter 2 in all my figures, is a amazing game. I recommend the buy.


Love it? Thought so, now comment about it!

-NOTE: Like I said I will post Ratings/Awards by other sites below.

Nintendo Power-- “A Brilliant Game!” -----4.75/5


Gamepro Magazine----4.95/5

Electronic Gaming Monthly----Silver Award Editors Choice

IGN----Editors Choice Award----9.2/10
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Vince Review: TS2
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